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  • TAGA10084
TAGA Harmony installation speakers provide superior sound performance and amazing value.... mehr "TCW-55V"

TAGA Harmony installation speakers provide superior sound performance and amazing value.

They utilize very rigid and strong cabinets, which minimize distortion, vibrations or resonances and specialized mounting brackets that make installation very easy and problem-free .

With built-in 100V transformers they are ideal solutions for paging and background music systems in halls, conference rooms, restaurants, cafes, shops and other commercial applications.

Their sound is clear, natural, dynamic and provides wide dispersion throughout the listening area, without occupying such valuable floor space!

The frames and grilles of most models may be painted to blend with any decor.

Design In-wall, 100V Power handling 100V: 6W, 3W Frequency response 150Hz - 15kHz... mehr
DesignIn-wall, 100V
Power handling100V: 6W, 3W
Frequency response150Hz - 15kHz
High-frequency driver13 mm (0.5”), Mylar®
Bass-Midrange driver133 mm (5.25”), paper
Dimensions (H x W x D or Dia x D)26 x 19.5 x 8 cm
Cutout Dimensions (H x W or Dia)23 x 17 cm
Minimum Mounting Depth7.7 cm
Weight1.9 kg / pc.
PLATINUM-18-16C Lautsprecherkabel PLATINUM-18-16C Lautsprecherkabel
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PLATINUM S-90 SL Regallautsprecher PLATINUM S-90 SL Regallautsprecher
Inhalt 1 Paar
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AZURE B-40 V.2 Demomodel AZURE B-40 V.2 Demomodel
Inhalt 1 Paar
260,00 € * 330,00 € *
PLATINUM SW-10 v.3 Subwoofer PLATINUM SW-10 v.3 Subwoofer
Inhalt 1 Stück
645,00 € *
TLCR-525 TLCR-525
179,00 € *
TTP-300 TTP-300
Inhalt 1 Stück
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DA-300 V.3 DA-300 V.3
Inhalt 1 Stück
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TSW-90 TSW-90
Inhalt 1 Stück
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PLATINUM F-90 SL Standlautsprecher PLATINUM F-90 SL Standlautsprecher
Inhalt 1 Paar
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