GTCS-606-6R SE

GTCS-606-6R SE
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TAGA Harmony customers and professional installers insisted to design high class in-ceiling... mehr "GTCS-606-6R SE"

TAGA Harmony customers and professional installers insisted to design high class in-ceiling speakers which would be able to provide the similar level of sound quality as can be found in highly acclaimed TAV-606F SE (Special Edition) floorstanding speakers from the Audio-Video series.

TAGA Harmony engineers had taken up this challenge and after many months of intense testing and measurements created a totally-updated GTCS v.2 series.

GTCS v.2 sound can be compared to regular home speakers – it is clean, natural and dynamic what is hard to be find in most CI speakers.

TAGA Harmony specialized horn-like TWG TAGA Waveguide tweeter faceplate, known from home products is now available in in-ceiling speakers – it supports equal and flat dispersion of sound in and off the axis of the driver providing exceptionally wide dispersion throughout a listening area.

The proper design facilitates installations thanks to many specialized features:

  • Very slim chassis to allow installations even in shallow places.

  • TIMPC - TAGA Injection-Molded Polymer Chassis is very rigid and strong to minimize distortions, vibrations or resonances.

  • TEI – TAGA Easy Install mounting brackets are extremely easy and safe to install. The ABS clamps are in a visible blue color to ease installation in dark places.

  • TEC – TAGA Easy Connection: easy to use push-in banana binding posts.

  • TBF - TAGA Bezel-Free Grills,  magnetically mounted.

  • High 8 ohm impedance.

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