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Skyfuser 29 Skyfuser 29
SKYFUSER29, size 58 x 58 x 10 cm - diffuse panel based on square residuum number 29. Provides good sound scattering coefficients in the range of 750 - 4000 Hz WEIGHT: 10 kg DIMENSIONS: 58 × 58 × 10 cm
€310.00 *
FiberPro 60 FiberPro 60
Universal panel FiberPRO, dimension 60 x 60 x 10 cm - a classic absorbing system based on mineral wool. Broadband sound absorption coefficients allow excellent control of reflections from the walls and ceiling, as well as reduction of...
€84.00 *
FoamPro 60 FoamPro 60
Universal panel FoamPRO, dimension 60 x 60 x 5 cm - a foam system absorber with a unique, wooden finish. Easy to install with glue, has a universal broadband absorption band and unique design. In panels of this type we also enable the...
€49.00 *
FoamPro Honey FoamPro Honey
HoneyFoamPRO is an acoustic panel from the group of foam absorbers with a unique interesting appearance. Thanks to the large selection of colors and thicknesses, HoneyFoamPRO panels can create various arrangements that match the interior...
€49.00 *