Platinum F-120 v.3 Stand Loudspeaker

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  • TAGA10016
Born in Europe – Crafted for the World We have always considered The Platinum as one of the... more "Platinum F-120 v.3 Stand Loudspeaker"

Born in Europe – Crafted for the World

We have always considered The Platinum as one of the most important series in the premium category.
That is why high expectations were placed on our development team during crafting the newest Platinum v.3 edition. 
We were committed to create extraordinary speakers in terms of sound performance while maintaining highly-acclaimed shapes and looks of the series. 

We have to admit without any doubt that the final result is amazing and even exceeds our expectations. 

We do believe that the Platinum v.3 speakers are the best sounding loudspeakers in their price level and far beyond.

There are only a few components which the newest Platinum v.3 series shares with the previous edition namely the shapes of TLIE enclosures, BOM bassreflex ports, TTP Tweeter Top Plate and speaker terminals. 
All other components are totally new or significantly upgraded.

As always we focused mostly on intensive listening tests and sound adjustments rather than on creating perfect specifications on paper because music and generally sound is about emotions, feelings and passion. Not only specialists were involved in the process but all of us at TAGA Harmony because we share the same love for the perfect sound.

Our Platinum v.3 slogan “Born in Europe – Crafted for the World” is a very serious commitment and we treat it that way. That is why our Polish designer and one of the best and well-known audio reviewers Mr. Arek Ogrodnik personally tuned each model in the series. To honor his great craftsmanship and to emphasize a unique character of this project we named the crossovers in the Platinum v.3 series as “Ogrodnik Crossovers”.

It is not easy to write about the sound performance as it is difficult to write about emotions – we always encourage to listen to and feel the sound by yourself. But if we are to say a few words about the Platinum v.3 character it would be: deep, perfectly controlled and defined bass, smooth and rich midrange and appealing, detailed and crystal clear highs as well as very open and airy soundstage. Of course these are only words but there is real passion, feelings and love for music behind the Platinum v.3 – we do love them and crafted them with love and we believe you will share the same!

Design Floorstanding, 3-way,  4 drivers, 1 passive radiator Bi-wiring, bi-amp ... mehr
Design Floorstanding, 3-way, 
4 drivers, 1 passive radiator
Bi-wiring, bi-amp 
TLIE-I enclosure 
Crossover points: 450Hz, 4.7kHz
Power handling 20 - 280W (recommended amplifier power)
210W RMS
Frequency response 28Hz - 40kHz
Bassreflex Rear double
Impedance 4ohm
Sensitivity 93dB
High-frequency driver 25 mm (1”), TPTTD-I, TWG-I, TTP
Midrange driver 133 mm (5.25") TPACD-I, TRCS
Bass driver 2 x 165 mm (6.5"), TPACD-I, TRCS

Passive radiator:
165 mm (6.5”) TPAPR-I, TRCS
Features / accessories Magnetically mounted grill
Dimensions (H x W x D) 118 x 25 x 34 cm 
(incl. grill, feet and spikes)
Weight 23.3 kg / pc. 
(incl. grill, feet and spikes)