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The TLCR series provides superior sound performance at amazing price levels. It utilizes very... more "TLCR-525"

The TLCR series provides superior sound performance at amazing price levels. It utilizes very rigid and strong injection-molded polymer chassis which minimizes distortion, vibrations and resonances and specialized mounting brackets that make installation very easy.
The speakers can be used in audio and home theatre systems as well as in commercial applications.

The TLCR speakers are multi-purpose and can be used in Left, Center or Right channel. Now you can build a multi-channel system based on the same type of speakers, what is a perfect solution to keep all channels integrity and sound style.

Nowadays the expectation from modern installations speakers is not only the great sound but less visibility at the same time. With the TLCR series you have both!
The sound is clear, natural, dynamic and provides wide dispersion throughout a listening area!



TCW / TLCR Series


Depending on model:
TSLB – TAGA Super Low-profile Bezel grill.
RB - Reduced Bezel grill (reduced grill profile).
Standard (wide) bezel grill.

All types of grills are paintable.

The TSLB and RB grills are are magnetically mounted and thanks to their design make a speaker virtually disappear in the ceiling or wall.

TIMPC - TAGA Injection-Molded Polymer Chassis is very rigid and strong to minimize distortions, vibrations or resonances.

Selected models:
TEI – TAGA Easy Install mounting brackets are extremely easy and safe to install. 
ABS clamps in a visible blue color for easy installation in dark places.
Additional rubber coating and a honeycomb cabinet structure further stiffens chassis and improves sound performance.

Cabinet frames of speakers equipped in regular (wide) bezel grills are paintable.

Depending on model:
TPTTD - Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome with ferrofluid cooling can bear high power and its performance is very accurate, clear, smooth and detailed.
® DOME -  tweeter is ferrofluid cooled and damped . The performance can be characterized as very accurate, clear, smooth and detailed as well as can handle high power inputs.

We pay special attention to equal and flat dispersion of sound in and off the axis of the driver.

SM (STEREO / MONO) models utilize 2 high-frequency drivers in one speaker and ensure high quality, dual-channel (stereo) sound from a single speaker. The SM models provide much wider dispersion than traditional speakers as well as eliminate sound imbalances which can be heard once listeners move around the area.

Extra tweeter features (selected models):
SWIVEL TWEETER - the tweeter can be manually slightly rotated to direct the high frequency stream toward selected area in the room.
TREBLE SWITCH (environmental equalizer) -
 the treble level can be manually increased or decreased by few decibels to compensate for speaker positioning and room anomalies.

Depending on the application we use Kevlar® or polypropylene cones and heavy duty voice coils and coil formers are responsible for high power handling as well as deep, precise and detailed bass and rich, sweet midranges.

In selected models we utilize high-performance full-range drivers with a polypropylene cone.
The drivers provide a very fine balance of frequency ranges with detailed and precise highs, rich and open mids and well defined and low bass.

Selected models are equipped in a crossover system.
We use high quality, close-tolerance and precisely selected crossover components and internal wires for absolute sound neutrality, high long-term power and reliability.

TEC – TAGA Easy Connection: selected speakers use high quality push-in banana binding posts accepting raw speaker cables up to 10AWG and most popular types of connectors (banana or pin plugs). Our binding posts make any installation a very easy task to do.

Design In-wall Left / Center / Right 2-way TEI mounting bracket  TIMPC enclosure ... mehr
DesignIn-wall Left / Center / Right

TEI mounting bracket 
TIMPC enclosure 
TEC binding posts
Power handling100W MAX
Frequency response58Hz - 22kHz
High-frequency driver25 mm (1”), TPTTD
Swivel mount
Bass driver2 x 132 mm (5.25”), Kevlar®
Dimensions (H x W x D or Dia x D)22.2 x 45 x 8.8 cm
Cutout Dimensions (H x W or Dia)18.8 x 41.5 cm
Minimum Mounting Depth7.6 cm
Weight2.93 kg / pc.